State-of-the-art Tower Factories

Nezone has a 24,000 MTPA tower manufacturing unit strategically located at Byrnihat, Meghalaya. The plant is equipped with the latest CNC line for fabrication of towers and microprocessor based temperature controlled eco-friendly systems for galvanization of tower members.

Fabrication Process

Multipurpose CNC machines directly read the drawings, punch, stamp and cut steel. Heavy duty machines perform even the heaviest of bends without distortion. Strategically positioned EOT cranes efficiently perform material handling.

Galvanizing Process

The furnace is controlled by microprocessors to give control on the bath temperature. The drying oven uniformly dries and pre-heats the steel, which removes spurting and gives an excellent surface finish to the product. Nezone’s factory has got one of the biggest (size 13 x 1.2 x 1.75 m) galvanising bath available with tower manufacturing companies and uses the environment friendly methods.

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