Manufactured using finest quality of steel, Square and Rectangular Pipes are extensively used in welded steel frames which experience loads from multiple directions. The shapes of pipes suit multiple axis loading with having uniform geometry along with two or more cross section axes. This enhances the uniform strength of these pipes, making them better choice for columns.

These are manufactured through the process where flat steel plate is slowly changed in shape to achieve round where the edges are presented to weld. Then, the edges are welded together to form the master tube. This master tube, which is also referred as mother tube goes through a sequence of shaping stands, which form the final square or rectangular shape.

Nezone RHS / SHS Hollow Section Pipes

General Applications

  • Industrial Sheds
  • Steel Furniture
  • Bridges
  • Low cost Steel Housing
  • Towers
  • Airports
  • Tripper/Trailer body
  • Bus Body Structures
  • Cranes
  • Material Storage Racks
  • Road Dividers
  • Railway Wagon / Coaches
  • Hoardings
  • Machine Components & Frames
  • Pre-fabricated House
  • Automobile Chassis
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