High mast lighting as a concept in area lighting is being preferred over conventional lighting, especially where large areas are to be illuminated without the need for numerous lighting columns that under certain circumstances can be a hazard to movement. This possible because the high mast lighting system achieves very large space to height ratios.

High-mast lighting is deal for many areas, particularly complicated or multi-level road systems. Industrial or commercial areas, docks, airports, stations, car parks and even some hazardous areas. All of these areas require the best possible lighting with minimum interference from the installation itself combined with ease of maintenance.

Nezone High Mast

Areas of Application

  • Airports & Sea Ports
  • Railway Yards
  • Industrial Flood Lighting
  • Car Parks & Junctions
  • Sports Arenas / Stadiums
  • Hotels

Advantages of Nezone High Mast Poles

  • Ease of Installation
  • Galvanized for Longer Life
  • Maintenance Free
  • Sleek and Beautiful Design
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