India North East is expected to grow by about 10 percent over the next five years (NIPFP estimates), creating massive opportunities for the core infrastructure sectors.

With a visionary foresight, the Nezone Group chose to select the North East as its central area of operations and emerged as the regions largest manufacturers of several products comprising steel tubes, square rectangular hollow sections, poles, towers, substations, transmission line towers 8. structures and scaffoldings. These find critical applications and are extensively used in the construction, electrification, water, oil & gas and power industries.

Rightly so, this positioning has enabled the Nezone Group to emerge as the infrastructural backbone of the North East, responsibly catering to the regions economic progress and societal development.

Seven Points about the Nezone Group that are accelerating our growth today

  • Diversified Business

    Diversified business through a strong presence in India’s North East, East and South with a comprehensive product portfolio that includes all types of tubular poles, high mast, octagonal poles, galvanized steel lattice, pipe structures of up to 765 kv grades and scaffolding material.
  • Extended Positioning

    Extended our positioning as North East India’s largest galvanized steel structures manufacturer, with a robust 24,000 MTPA capacity and galvanizing kettle capacity of 13X1.2×1.75 metres, enabling us to caterto a wide range of customized customer requirements.
  • Respected Brand

    Respected brand recall of trust, dependability, quality and reliability with prestigious ISO 9001 and ISI certifications.
  • Star Performer

    Awarded the Star Performer Certificate from EEPC India for consecutive years at a row.
    fortubes, pipes and hollow profiles of iron & steel. NEZONE has also been awarded the Certificate for Export Excellence by EEPC (ER).
  • Focused

    Focused and result-oriented strategy which has led to a year-on-year growth over 30 years.
  • Customer Relationship

    Sustained customer relationships resulting in product supply to reputed institutions such as the Public Health Engineering Departments, Irrigation Department, Railways, Defence, State Electricity Boards, NTPC, L&T and ALSTOM, among several others. In addition, we export our products to Canada, Australia, Singapore and Sri Lanka, among others.
  • Enriched Societal Value

    Enriched societal value through several widespread CSR activities across our manufacturing facilities with the intent of improving the overall quality of life.

Our Objectives

At the Nezone Group, we recognize that our future depends on the careful and responsible stewardship of resources, respect for people and adherence to the core value of integrity. We feel strongly that these principles go hand-in-hand with long-term security, stability and success.

At Nezone, safety is the cornerstone of operational excellence. We set the highest standards for protecting our employees, our communities and our customers. Our goal is to attain world-class safety parameters and emerge as the safest company in our industry.

This leads to zero tolerance for unsafe conditions, unsafe equipment and unsafe actions, decisions and even attitudes. Since its inception, Nezone has also been actively involved in comprehensive environment management. Significant achievements Include Improvement In environment and resource conservation including reduction In greenhouse erosion, raw material conservation and optimum water consumption. Our facilities endeavour to operate With as little impact on the environment as possible. All of our units measure energy and water usage to reduce the reliance on these invaluable natural resources.

Community service has been an integral part of the Group. We provide active assistance to communities in and around our areas of operations, with a special focus on education, water, healthcare and social care for unattended senior citizens.