Nezone Conical

Conical Poles

The conical poles are made up of HR Coils which can easily be procured high tensional gaze 490 MPA.

Nezone Swaged Tubular Poles

Swaged Tubular Poles

Steel Tubular Poles from Nezone are manufactured to specifications that not…

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Nezone Solar Poles

Solar Structures

Nezone is a leading solar mounting systems engineering company…

Nezone Octaganal Pole

Octagonal Poles

Octagonal Poles are used to securely illuminate private residential areas, commercial and industrial locations.

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Nezone Highmast pole


High mast lighting as a concept in area lighting is being preferred over conventional lighting, especially where…

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Nezone Lattice Tower

Lattice Structure

Custom design, detailing and manufacturing of steel lattice towers for electrical high voltage transmission lines.


Telecom Towers

Telecom Tower a very tall, narrow, circular building in central London which was built in the 1960s…

Nezone Substation Towers

Transmission Towers

A transmission tower (electricity pylon in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe…

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Nezone Mono Plole

Mono Pole

Mono Pole structures are designed for quick and easy installation and offer a lighter structure weight.

Nezone Metalcrash Barrier

Metal Crash Barriers

A Metal Crash Barriers is a particularly effective road safety system serving to protect vehicles and its occupants…

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