Nezone Scaffoldings

Scaffoldings Products

  • For Centring and Staging: Cuplock System,wedge Lock System,H-Frame,U-Frame,APS Unit.
  • Access Tower & Staircase and M.S Challis.
  • For From work:Rolled Threaded telescopic Prop,Acrow Spam,Slab shuttering,Column shuttering beam bottom and side shuttering,Adjustable Beam Clamp and Adjustable Column Clamps.
  • Wall Form Shuttering System and Bridge Grider Shuttering.

Features of Nezone Steel Scaffoldings

  • Multi-Functional.
  • Higher Efficiency.
  • Higher Load Bearing Capacity.
  • Safe and Reliable.
  • Faster Assembly and Disassembly.
  • Labor Saving.
  • Longer Life.
  • Green and Recycleable.